The Open Silo Dispatch is a semi-regular newsletter/bulletin/missive sent out by me, Jes McBride. This is how I invite people to happy hours, announce other urban ag events, share job/volunteer postings, and generally muse about food and food-growing ideas. Check out the archive below for the most recent Dispatch and all Dispatches past.



promote your work

If you’re interested in adding an event/promotion to the Dispatch, contact me at and let’s chat!

Open Silo runs on social capital, so I’m happy to add your events or highlight your org/company in the Dispatch if we have already connected via phone or in person and discussed your work. If we haven’t already met, what are we waiting for?! I’m also willing to add your event/promotion if you help contribute to the Open Silo project by offering cross-promotion, volunteer work for the website, drinks/treats for events, monetary support for operating costs, or some other thing that will benefit this project. But again, my preference would be to meet you and learn more about your work :)

Note: No need to connect with me or contribute to add events to the Open Silo Calendar or orgs/companies to the Directory. The more the merrier!