open silo folk


Jes McBride


Open Silo is the passion project of Jes McBride, a land use consultant, writer, and urban explorer who lives in Northeast Los Angeles. She holds a BA in Anthropology and a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA. She was a research associate on UCLA’s Cultivate LA report and continued this research with her capstone project, “Regulate or Cultivate?” examining how the City of Los Angeles restricts urban agriculture through zoning and local ordinances. In 2015, she prepared the entitlement application on behalf of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council for the East Hollywood Garden Achievement Center, which was approved in 2016. In 2017, she quit her full-time job to launch Open Silo. 

Carla Curle


Carla Curle is a recent Los Angeles transplant and a longtime good food advocate. She holds a BS in Environmental Studies from UCSB and a MS in Food and Agriculture Policy from Tufts University. She recently moved back to California after spending several years on the east coast in graduate school and working in the nonprofit sector and is committed to implementing good food and farming policy here in Los Angeles. Her interests and expertise range from expansion of organic agriculture to using digital campaigns to expand social and environmental justice causes. She is excited to be collaborating with Open Silo, which sits at the intersection of so many of her passions.

ashley crosswhite


Ashley Crosswhite is the owner of Lone Dog Gardens and is passionate about using her gardening and farming skills to empower and bring peace to others. She holds a BA in Intercultural Studies and a certificate in Horticulture from UCLA. With a background in working with special needs children and adults, Ashley began her career in urban agriculture by working for Silver Lake Farms, Homegrown Gardens, and Farmscape. Lone Dog Gardens specializes in edible and California native garden installation, group or one-on-one education, and horticultural therapy. 


your name here!

Open Silo is run by volunteers and we are always looking for positive, passionate people to join our crew. We believe that whatever skills, background, or resources you have, you can help leave your city better than you found it. Even though we can't offer you a salary, we can offer you a supportive team context, a chance to build your resume or portfolio, and the opportunity to meet people from all across the urban ag sector in LA. If this sounds like your cup of tea, send us a note and how you'd like to contribute to Open Silo.