Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA)

SEE-LA’s mission is to build sustainable food systems and promote social and cultural activities that benefit both low-to-moderate income residents of Los Angeles while also supporting California small- and mid-sized farms and local small businesses

Besides our incredible Farmers Markets, SEE-LA keeps Los Angeles healthy by offering and coordinating many programs that enrich lifestyles, help the community and enhance our mission. We are dedicated to improving access to fresh, healthy foods by way of CalFresh EBT, the WIC program and Market Match. Children across Los Angeles benefit from our Bring the Farmer to Your Schoolprogram, in which local California farmers have provided engaging sessions to schools for over 15 years.  Our commitment to community enrichment is extended through our Pompea Smith Good Cooking Buena Cocina Nutrition Education Program, where we offer nutrition education, cooking demonstrations and much more.  For a complete overview and more details, please visit our Programs Page.