about open silo...


Open Silo is an innovative non-profit model that seeks to support growth and foster community in the urban agriculture sector. The Open Silo website is an online resource for all things urban agriculture in LA: information, events, research, etc. We also host regular social and educational events to advance the conversation around growing food in our city, and generally find creative ways to support the farmers, gardeners, and organizations doing the good work of growing food. 


There are so many great things happening with urban agriculture in Los Angeles, but they often go unnoticed because our region is large and sprawling and there is no natural meeting place to share ideas and collaborate. Academic researchers often work independently from actual farmers, and farmers don't alway have access to the research once it's complete. Open Silo seeks to remedy this "silo" effect by sharing information and resources online and facilitating face-to-face interactions to build social capital among farmers, gardeners, and organizations in the urban agriculture community. 

Beyond supporting the existing community, Open Silo also works to widen the tent and welcome people who are new to the city or just new to urban agriculture. Open Silo allows newcomers to quickly learn about the farms, gardens, and organizations in Los Angeles, attend social events where they can form relationships with like-minded neighbors, and learn about available volunteer opportunities and job openings. There's plenty of work to do, and we want to make it super easy to get involved. 




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