Whether you're growing food in the city or the country, agriculture is a lot of work! And it's easier when we work together. This page will guide you to service providers that can help your farm, garden, or non-profit organization thrive and allow you to focus on your work. 

land use & Zoning


Jes McBride, Open Silo - Jes McBride has a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and has practiced as a Land Use & Entitlements consultant since 2015. She cut her teeth at the LA Department of City Planning and was a research associate on UCLA’s Cultivate LA report and continued this research with her capstone project, “Regulate or Cultivate?” examining how the City of Los Angeles restricts urban agriculture through zoning and local ordinances. Clients include the LA Community Garden Council (Zone Change), Cottonwood Urban Farm (UAIZ Application), and Orto Farms (Entitlements).

Services: Zoning Research, Permitting, Planning Entitlements, UAIZ Applications // Discounted hourly rate for non-profit organizations and urban agriculture clients.  |

garden consultation & installation

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Ashley Crosswhite, Lone Dog Gardens  |  Based in Central Los Angeles, Ashley holds a Horticulture Certificate from UCLA and has worked for Silver Lake Farms, Homegrown Gardens, and Farmscape. She specializes in the design, installation, irrigation, and maintenance of edible gardens. With a background in working with special needs children and adults, Ashley is passionate about gardening education and horticultural therapy.

Services: Garden Design & Installation, Irrigation, Garden Box Construction, Short-Term Maintenance, Workshops & Education, Horticultural Therapy  |


Erin Riley, Hope Gardens  |  Hope Gardens designs, installs and maintains organic veggie gardens both large and small. Our gardens can thrive among your existing landscaping, in containers and in our own redwood raised beds. We also design and install other kinds of landscapes, including native plantings that will lower your water bill and provide a wonderful habitat for bees and hummingbirds.

Erin is licensed by the State of CA as a Landscaping Contractor. CA-27 #1031768  |


BlueHouse  |  BlueHouse was founded by a determined team of urban agriculture professionals who were not impressed by the status quo. Unwilling to settle for existing greenhouse offerings, we resolved to create a new paradigm for greenhouse design.

We are Los Angeles based Eco-prenuers who are bonded by a passion for food, social, and environmental justice. Our multidisciplinary team hails from a diverse background of industry leading companies and nonprofits. Community engagement is central to our identity, and we are hungry to continually improve our leadership capabilities.

Alongside you, we aspire to empower healthy, equitable, and resilient communities.  Together we build greenhouses that encourage local food systems, green collar workforce development, and 21st century educational programs.  |


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Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles  |  LAFLA is the frontline law firm for low-income people in Los Angeles. As part of their community economic development work, LAFLA partners with community-based organizations to build healthy, economically vibrant neighborhoods. It provides transactional legal services to nonprofits and community members that share this mission. Please contact LAFLA to see if you or your organization qualifies for our pro bono legal services. 

Services: Non-profit Formation & Governance, Tax Exemption, Land Use Policy  |  (800) 399-4529

CREATIVE & Commercial

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Jess V. Castillo, Otro World  |  Otro World is a consulting agency catalyzing the cultural landscape through strategic partnerships, project management, and creative engagements.

Services: Event Planning & Production, Photography, Graphic Design  |


Jes McBride, Open Silo  |  Open Silo is here to support the urban agriculture community through sharing information and bringing folks together, and we can help with whatever needs doing! Beyond land use consultation, Jes has over 10 years of professional graphic design experience in fields ranging from hospitality to the New York jewelry industry to urban planning. Whether it's launching a new website, rebranding your farm, or planning an event, Open Silo can pull on its network of professionals to deliver quality services that fit within your budget. 

Services: Graphic Design, Websites, Event Planning & Production, Branding & Marketing, Communications.  |


PA Marketing  |  We’re here to support YOU. When you partner with us, you benefit from the combined experience of 32 years of expertise in retail, digital marketing, community outreach and so much more. In addition, you gain access to strong network of our friends, partners and resources in the industry. At PA Marketing, we offer hands-on, personalized attention to launch and elevate your product or brand. We are here to provide thoughtful solutions for end-to-end success.

We start with a bridge conversation. We discover what stage you’re in and strategize a pathway to your success. We recognize that you may not need our guidance in all aspect of your business. So we offer you the option to choose a phase, a service or block of hours, that fits your budget and your business need.

Services: Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Website Design & Development, Social Media, Public Relations  |