Job Title: Gardening Teacher - Westland School

Location: Westland School, 16200 Mulholland Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90049

Description: The Westland School gardening teacher is responsible for working with small groups of kindergarten through sixth grade students in approximately 15 sessions per year, currently on Fridays. The gardening program is also supported by an active, enthusiastic parent committee that works with the teacher to help plan and execute the program. The program provides opportunities to collaborate with the classroom teachers around the integrated social studies themes the children are working on during the year, for example a group studying the Hopi in Arizona might plant a "3 Sisters Garden" of corn, squash, and beans. An upper grades student-run farmers' market provides families' backyard produce for sale to the school community with proceeds benefitting the garden. The gardening teacher will ideally possess multiple skills that include planning, teaching, gardening knowledge/skill, and working with adult volunteers.

Contact Person: Marcia Capparela

Email Address:

Closing Date: 9/1/2019