Hearts of Glass

Hearts of Glass, a feature-length documentary, will tell the story of the critical first year of operation of Vertical Harvest, an innovative multi-story greenhouse located in the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Spearheaded by two women, and built at a cost of $3.8 million using public and private funds, this “urban farm” sits on 1/10 of an acre at an elevation of 6,237 feet. In addition to providing a year-round crop of vegetables and fruits to community members, the project was developed to offer consistent, meaningful, fair-paying jobs to Jackson residents with disabilities.

‘Hearts of Glass’ will explore themes of sustainable local food production, inclusion and community through the lens of this unique socially minded enterprise. The film is currently in production and under the auspices of Slow Food in the Tetons, a Jackson Hole non-profit focused on bringing together local food producers and consumers in the spirit of community.

Feeding Tomorrow

A documentary exploring the overwhelming choices we make every day, about what it is we eat. These choices have a direct impact not only for our health, our society, but on the future of our planet.

Our mission is to teach people around the world to understand this link - between the food we eat - our health - and our planet's survival.