Welcome to Produce Habitat, a place to rethink how, where, and why we cultivate.

Produce Habitat was founded to curate snippets of smart agriculture insights and inspirations for modern cultivation enthusiasts. I post quotes, news, videos and photos with the goal of generating meaningful conversations. Ideally, Produce Habitat becomes a place where you feel encouraged to add your voice community of folks developing what’s next in smart agriculture.

Plant Human Nexus

As a smart agriculture community organizer, I’m constantly exploring how to produce optimum habitats at the plant/human nexus. My aim is to encourage cultivation methods that are intentional and appropriate to their local context.  

The name Produce Habitat was chosen to evoke two meanings:
1. The activity of producing habitat for healthier ecosystems.
2. The ideal of utopian habitats for produce in controlled environment agriculture systems.

About Andrew Blume

Andrew has had a lifelong interest in where his food comes from. At 5 years old, Andrew decided he didn’t like the idea of eating animals, became a vegetarian, and has never looked back.