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Jes McBride has a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and has practiced as a Land Use & Entitlements consultant since 2015. She cut her teeth in the Project Planning and the Long-Range Planning divisions of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. She was a research associate on UCLA’s Cultivate LA report and continued this research with her capstone project, “Regulate or Cultivate?” examining how the City of Los Angeles restricts urban agriculture through zoning and local ordinances. In 2015, she prepared the entitlement application on behalf of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council for the East Hollywood Garden Achievement Center, which was approved in 2016. In 2017, Jes submitted one of the first applications for the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone in the City of Los Angeles for a local urban farm.

Services: Zoning Research, Permitting, Planning Entitlements, UAIZ Applications

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